Nov 052012

Using veggies in desserts is not a new concept. Everything from pumpkin to beetroot to eggplant has been known to show up as an after dinner treat rather than along side the main course. But while parents have been hiding veggies in sweet treats for years these humble ingredients should be celebrated rather than tucked away!

SABH Nov 2012 VeggiesWe’re excited to announce our November SABH: ‘Cake & three Veg’

This month’s Hostess is JJ from 84th & 3rd. Head on over to read more about the theme at her site later today.

#SABH will open for posts and link-up 9am Monday 19 November 2012 – Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST: Sydney] and will remain open for a week and a day until 10:59pm Monday 26 November 2012 AEST. You can link up at any time during this week. Blogs will appear in the hop list in order of submission.

Remember, only new posts which go live after Monday 19 November 2012 can be linked up.

Go on, out to the veggie patch, there’s dessert to be made!

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