Feb 042013

Greetings fellow sweet adventurers. How could another month have already past? It’s February hoppers, and what does that mean? In this little corner of the internet that means a new opportunity for us all to show off our dessert inventing skills and a little later… to drool over said desserts. This month we’re going to be heading down the frozen desserts path with The Kitchen Crusader. You can check out her announcement of the new hop theme here.

Have you got a frozen favourite dessert that you could share for this month? Or even something that you’ve been dying to try and just waiting for the opportunity? Well, here’s your opportunity. Get your freezers at the ready and get inventing, we’re handing you a: LICENCE TO CHILL.

We’re pretty excited about this one, sweet fanatics and hopefully you are too. Ice creams, sorbets, ice cream sandwiches, semifreddos, bombe alaskas… if you need a freezer to make it, we’re interested in hearing about it.

How do you get involved?

Just post your recipe any time between Monday the 18th of February (9am AEST) and Monday 25th of February (11:59pm), then head on over to The Kitchen Crusader’s hosting post and follow the instructions to linking that baby up with everyone else’s dessert babies. 

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