Jun 032013

SABH_13-06_FryingPan-150It’s suddenly very cold in Kitchen Crusader town… and seeing as she’s hosting this month’s hop we thought some comfort food might warm the cockles of her heart/belly. We’re on the hunt for desserts that come out of the fry pan (and onto your/0ur plates!)

What qualifies?

Anything cooked in a frying pan whether it be par stove-top, par-oven, shallow fried or deep-fried will qualify for this hop. Basically, if it involves cooking in frying pan, we’ll accept it. In the words of JJ, “everything from a crepe cake to a tarte tartin to fried doughnuts is fair game.” It must be a sweet treat/dessertish and it must be posted in the week from Monday June 17th (from 9am AEST) 2013 to Monday June 24th (ends 23:59 AEST) 2013. If you’re worried about whether something will qualify for the hop, just send us an email (sweetadvbloghop@gmail.com) to check, don’t be shy!

How do you get involved?

Just post your recipe up and then follow the instructions from The Kitchen Crusader’s entry (up on the 17th at 9am AEST) on her blog to link your entry up. Here’s the link to her announcement of the hop, if you’re keen to check out her page in more detail and perve on her culinary credentials.

  2 Responses to “June 2013 SABH Adventure Announced: Out Of The Frypan”

  1. This sounds like fun but all the blog hops have been fun 😀 Just wondered if you’re still sending out notices via email when the next hope is announced? I don’t seem to get them anymore and they were the best reminder 🙂

    • Hi Monica – we’ve fallen off sending them out but I was planning to start again this month – thanks for the feedback! 🙂 – JJ

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