About the Hostesses


JJ is a recipe developer, food photographer and stylist, marketing and business strategy consultant, and publisher. At 84th & 3rd she shares (mostly) unprocessed, allergy-friendly recipes with a creative twist, lifestyle features, and tales from her travels. She is also editor and co-founder of Seasonal Sunday Lunch, an international grassroots movement to raise awareness of seasonal produce and encourage mindful seasonal eating. JJ believes food should be fun, healthy should not mean boring, and if all else fails pie makes everything better.

SABH is run by JJ from 84th & 3rd and multiple guest hostess. If you would like to host or have an idea for a theme please email hostess (at) sweetadventuresbloghop.com.

In the Beginning

Back in November 2011 five Aussie food bloggers – @HungryAustralia, @ledelicieux, @diningwithastud, @KCrusader and @84thand3rd – were chatting on Twitter about peanut butter and chocolate and pavlova.  They decided to organise a pavlova blog hop where everyone cooked their own version of this quintessential Aussie dessert, and then linked-up to share the recipes and photos. With that, The Great Australian Pavlova Blog Hop was born.

But of course we couldn’t keep something this good to ourselves, and before we knew it the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop was off and running!

The other original founders have since stepped down as regular hostesses due to other commitments. You can view past hop themes and hostesses in the Adventure Archive list.

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