Sep 022013
September 2013 SABH Adventure Announced: Meringue Mania

Remember the long squiggly meringues with eyes made from Smaries? Those simple treats were a bakery favourite for many growing up in Australia, and while these days meringues have gone fancy, they’re all still sweetly satisfying. We’re excited to announce our September SABH theme: ‘Meringue Mania!’ Do you have the recipe for simply perfectly meringue? […]

Jul 012013
July 2013 SABH Adventure Announced: Sweet Surprise

Whether you love them or hate them, surprises always make life a little bit more exciting, and when dessert is involved, you know you’re in for a unique treat. This month’s theme takes the anticipation one step further with a challenge to create a dessert with a surprise in the middle! We’re excited to announce […]

Jun 032013
June 2013 SABH Adventure Announced: Out Of The Frypan

It’s suddenly very cold in Kitchen Crusader town… and seeing as she’s hosting this month’s hop we thought some comfort food might warm the cockles of her heart/belly. We’re on the hunt for desserts that come out of the fry pan (and onto your/0ur plates!) What qualifies? Anything cooked in a frying pan whether it […]

Feb 042013
February 2013 Sweet Adventures Blog Hop Announcement: Licence to Chill

Greetings fellow sweet adventurers. How could another month have already past? It’s February hoppers, and what does that mean? In this little corner of the internet that means a new opportunity for us all to show off our dessert inventing skills and a little later… to drool over said desserts. This month we’re going to […]