Nov 052012
November SABH Adventure Announced: Cake & three Veg

Using veggies in desserts is not a new concept. Everything from pumpkin to beetroot to eggplant has been known to show up as an after dinner treat rather than along side the main course. But while parents have been hiding veggies in sweet treats for years these humble ingredients should be celebrated rather than tucked […]

Aug 062012
August SABH Adventure Announced

It’s the middle of winter here in Australia and we are all craving a bit of sparkle – August’s theme is just the ticket! With far north Queensland in peak strawberry season and the northern hemisphere just coming into acres of berry laden bushes we are heading to the red and purple end of the […]

Jul 022012
July SABH Adventure Announced

The first half of the year has been and gone but at least it’s been a delicious one! Remember you can always check out the past Adventures on the Archive page. June’s Sweet as Pie Adventure hosted by KC of Capers of the Kitchen Crusader provided enough inspiration to keep us baking pie well into […]

May 292012
SABH Archive: Tea – May 2012

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Tea adventure! The May 2012 Tea Blog Hop was hosted by JJ of 84th & 3rd. Below is the archive for the hop. Thanks again to The Cancer Council and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for the prize pack giveaway. ___